Friday, February 29, 2008

trouble in paradise

you wont know this, but my parents live in Jersey. which is all over the news at the moment for the very worst of reasons, and my heartfelt sympathies go to the people affected.
this feller here - - is the member of the Jersey parliament who was evidently drummed out for last year for having the temeritry to blow the whistle on the whole sorry and sordid affair. for the evil bastards behind both the initial abuses and then the cover ups - aint payback a bitch?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

common sense breaking out? surely not!

been reading a few police blogs the last few days - they're usually well written and more ofthen than not, laugh out loud funny. but when a serving copper says things like this - - 'How far back can we go before before the balance tips and it becomes impossible to come back from the abyss that is anarchy? It already has tipped in certain areas up and down the country and is spreading.We'll end up living in walled estates with a state of martial law in effect.' - you have to wonder where we're headed as a society.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back, in full effect

well, after an eventful nine months or so (my contract finished, I paid for and qualified to be a Prince2 Practitioner, went to london for a few months to work at BT) I've been back in manchester since the end of december. the flat I live in is being done up by the council (massive upheaval domestically, but ti will be nice when its fully completed - new kitchen, toilet and bathroom, and full central heating) and I have an interview out stockport way tomorrow morning. fun and games eh?