Tuesday, May 26, 2009

an MP's wife airs their opinions re the expenses row...

...we're all nasty horrible bullies apparently for taking MP's to task re their expenses.
and apparently 'rightwing commentators hate Labour governments, and they were ready to risk undermining public confidence in the entire political system to discredit the Labour party.'

(and once again the implication that if you dont support Labour, the BNP will get in. ergo, if you're not with us, you're standing slightly to the right of Himmler.)


unsurprisingly, it's in the Grauniad... equally unsurprisingly, but pleasant to see, is her getting almost unanimously told where to get off in the comments section.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

they dont like it up em mr mannering

mark thomas - who I dont always agree with, but his intentions always seem well founded - has been taking it to The Man again -

'How many constituents feel that their MP is simply not up to the job unless they have a chandelier? And now Elliot Morley has claimed £16,000 for a mortgage that had already been repaid and he didn't notice. What planet do you live on when you don't notice £800 turning up in your bank account each month? Quite clearly, the rules have been broken.
Quite simply, none of us one of us could get away it. When benefit cheats get caught working and signing on, they get punished. They don't form a committee made up of other benefit claimants to debate how they might make new rules to prevent themselves from doing it again. They certainly don't appear on BBC News barking that "they work extremely hard and made a simple mistake."
Nor can an exposed tax dodger offer to pay back money because they are "concerned about how it looks to the outside world", and then walk away with no repercussion.
It is unfair, unjust and profoundly undemocratic. Which is why lawyers acting on my behalf have served legal papers on Speaker Martin this morning. As the chair for the House of Commons Commission, he should take urgent steps to commence a review of the department's actions in dealing with MPs' applications for expenses. These should include an independent audit of expenses and the forced repayment of wrongly claimed expenses; and in cases of fraudulent claims, the police should be called in. Speaker Martin has 14 days to respond. If he does not, I will instigate a judicial review of Speaker Martin's decision, on the legal grounds that public law should be consistent. MPs should not be allowed to be above the law and what is good enough for us is good enough for them.
I'll keep you posted on how I get on.'


this is going to be good...

Friday, May 08, 2009


you lying, troughing authoritarian control freak BITCH.


'In an interview with The Times, Harriet Harman said that revelations about politicians’ claims would damage trust in the mainstream parties and could benefit the extremists. “It does create an anti-politics mood,” she said.
“It undermines confidence in Parliament and fuels a climate of cynicism. The BNP portray themselves as the anti-politics group and the outsiders, and we have to say we are taking action and sorting this out.” '

heres a novel idea - clear your party of expense fiddlers, eliminate bullshit quangos where you take MY money and piss it up the wall so your friends dont have to do any real work, STOP trying to control our every fucking move and dictating what we can and cant say and then, MAYBE, I will consider voting for you again.

but until you do, stop waving the boogeyman of the fucking BNP at us. havent you EVER stopped to think WHY people are turning to them? people are turning to them because you are giving them very little choice. you are not addressing what matters most to them -can you blame the average person for going to the one party that does appear to listen to what they need?

you cretinous shower of bastards.