Sunday, January 21, 2007

Well – I’m not going to say anything beyond the subject of ‘celebrity’ big brother except to point out this GEM brought to light by the bbc in one of their reports on their website – a quote from The Sun (quality British journalism at it’s very finest) –
‘On Saturday, The Sun newspaper's editorial said Goody's previous image was "a meticulously manufactured lie". She had shown herself to be "a vile, pig-ignorant, racist bully consumed by envy", it continued. Writing a column in the same paper, TV presenter Lorraine Kelly said she hoped Goody would "now disappear into obscurity". "There really has to be an end to the celebration of stupidity and ignorance", she wrote.
Now I harbour no grudges against ms. Kelly, but excuse me – WHO is it you write for again? If the Sun stopped celebrating stupidity and ignorance I doubt you’d be left with enough paper to wipe your backside with after a heavy curry. And if the delightful ms. Goody’s image is a lie, then surely The Sun (in part at the very least) has been complicit in it’s manufacture?

Normal service of this blog will be resumed when the author stops alternately pissing himself laughing at the hypocrisy of The Sun and the stupidity of it’s readers, and frothing at the mouth at the sheer cheek of it and the gullibility of a large section of the British public . The twats.

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