Friday, February 20, 2009

hazel blears tells it like it is...

...or not. however, there are some superb comments on Guido regarding her leadership bid today... the choicest among them being

'Commendable contribution from a cabinet minister who stands head and shoulders below her colleagues.'

'Delusional does not quite cover the state they are in - is there another word for delusional with knobs on?'

''Our first loyalty is to the british people'Oh I love these lying filth.Yes please be loyal to me by destroying my pension, taxing the arse off me, filling the country with foreigners and then allowing them to reject integration.Please be loyal to me by theiving public funds by the wheel-barrow load.Please fiddle educational standards in order that illiterate kids get qualifications, forcing parents such as myself to fund private education.Please show your loyalty to me by invading sovereign nations which pose no threat to the UK, by way of lies and deception.If you are loyal to the people of this country please fuck off at the double Labour filth.'

but I think my favourite has to be Old Holborns contribution -

'Hazel Blears is a complete cunt, an escapee of a freak show, a demented power crazed dwarf.
She deserves to be kicked to death.'

as someone said - firm but fair.

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