Saturday, April 04, 2009

stop. just stop.

you're embarassing us, and you're embarassing yourself.

' "Gordon has invested an extraordinary amount of time and energy in the G20 - he really did travel to the ends of the earth," said one government source of the prime minister's trip to Chile. "But it was worth the effort because it was part of a single process - his mission to save the world and, in the process, to save the British economy." '

less charitable folk might think someone had delusions of grandeur... elsewhere -

'When all the sums are added together, rather than $1,100bn, the new commitments appear to be below $100bn and most of those were in train without the G20 summit.'

'The PM is gravely announcing a $1trillion "stimulus" for the global economy. But it's not the kind of stimulus which Brown has been wandering the world demanding - ie a further co-ordinated boost, involving increased spending or tax cuts by the major economies, to get demand going.'

so why have we just paid however many millions for this g20 thing again?

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