Friday, May 08, 2009


you lying, troughing authoritarian control freak BITCH.

'In an interview with The Times, Harriet Harman said that revelations about politicians’ claims would damage trust in the mainstream parties and could benefit the extremists. “It does create an anti-politics mood,” she said.
“It undermines confidence in Parliament and fuels a climate of cynicism. The BNP portray themselves as the anti-politics group and the outsiders, and we have to say we are taking action and sorting this out.” '

heres a novel idea - clear your party of expense fiddlers, eliminate bullshit quangos where you take MY money and piss it up the wall so your friends dont have to do any real work, STOP trying to control our every fucking move and dictating what we can and cant say and then, MAYBE, I will consider voting for you again.

but until you do, stop waving the boogeyman of the fucking BNP at us. havent you EVER stopped to think WHY people are turning to them? people are turning to them because you are giving them very little choice. you are not addressing what matters most to them -can you blame the average person for going to the one party that does appear to listen to what they need?

you cretinous shower of bastards.

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