Saturday, July 18, 2009

polly's in a strop

because those other nasty reporters wont tell the truth about how marvellously labour are doing and they keep saying nasty things about them...

' most correspondents treated to lengthy briefings from Home Office statisticians returned to their newsrooms to write what their politically motivated editors demanded, even if their readers might be more intrigued by the good news on murder than by exaggerated shreds of bad news in a 1% rise in burglary.'

polly, no one trusts these figures anymore because your cohorts within the Party have spun and 'massaged' them for so bloody long. we look at the joke thats been made of the english justice system, where god help you if you dont put your rubbish out properly but you'll get bail if you kicked some poor unfortunate to within an inch of his life. (and then go on to kick another poor c**t beyond that while on bail for the previous.)

so polly, do us all a favour and take your bleatings and whinings away - and in the words of an ex boss of mine, 'f**k off - and when you come back, f**k off again.'

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