Friday, June 19, 2009

the ginger sex dwarf survives... for now

'Former Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has survived an attempt to force her deselection at a meeting of her constituency party in Salford......
"I am at a loss sometimes to know how I got to this place, but what I've had tonight is the first chance to explain properly to my party members," she said.'

er, you what?? exactly how stupid do you think people are? or are you really that staggeringly clueless??you're in this position because you're a greedy, troughing, cheating, LYING bloody hypocrite. so no need to be at any loss, you chipmunk faced shortarse harridan.

Intriguingly, I see she's by profession a solicitor - I had a very interesting conversation with a legal friend of mine the other week when they explained to me the code of conduct for all solictors - including an obligation to act with complete integrity and honesty in every aspect of their lives, professionally and privately - they seem to think that there is a very serious question of misconduct to be answered in this case.
anyone care to make a complaint to the professional standards authority ?

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