Sunday, June 21, 2009


so, it's sunday and grand prix day - I turn on the tv to end up catching the last few minutes of the 'politics show' prior to the start of the gp coverage - to see what can only be described as a haranguing of the (democratically elected by the residents) Doncaster mayor - with the not so subtle intent, it seems, of showing him up to be racist and/or homophobic. and then, the blatant 'jobs are going to be cut - it wouldnt happen under labour' of the presenter - followed up with a strong subtext of 'the people of doncaster were just confused - this shouldnt be happening - we know multiculturalism is a good thing, why are these people voting against it?'

people have blogged before (especially Landed Underclass) regarding how biased the bbc is - I had to say prior to today I personally hadnt seen much evidence to support it.

That has now changed to say the least.

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